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“Melting” is Victor Toral’s first solo recording. This work presents themes from the tradition of popular music both North American and Latin in which shine clear melodies accompanied by exuberant harmonies and Counterpoint. The knowledge of Jazz guitar is felt in the way both the songs and the improvisations are presented. Lush harmonies are a constant in this work, which does not prevent the theme from being presented in a clear and organic way.

The improvisations develop the theme in a polyphonic way which, seen from the technique of the instrument, is a sign of virtuosity at the same time as they are a reflection of musical knowledge presented on a canvas like the guitar.

In this work the melody is a constant that is usually accompanied by a Counterpoint, a bass line that supports the harmonies and intermediate voices that suggest a sort of impressionist and dream-like hue. In Latin themes such as “Tres Palabras” and “Sabor a mi” the rhythm of bolero gives a touch of lightness that gives balance to the work as a whole. “Melting” is the rendition of a set of themes with which Victor Toral embraces the musical tradition to continue evolving with the guitar.


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